My Story

Hello!  I am so happy you found me! My name is Kayla Millar and I am located in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada! My amazing journey started in December of 2012...

I was obsessed with Scentsy before I joined, and I thought...if I'm spending SO much money, why not invest in myself? My goals at the beginning were to simply sell enough so I could always buy the products and take advantage of host rewards.  Then life hit my family - and it hit it HARD. My husband was diagnosed with cancer, we just bought our first home AND we found out we were pregnant with our first blessing. That's when my WHY changed... 

She wasn't even here yet, and I realized that I wasn't just doing this for ME, or my husband - it was for her.  IT was for her to realize that eventually she can do ANYTHING she puts her mind to, that she can support HERSELF - something that I was always taught growing up. Now that we have TWO little blessings, my WHY is to show my daughters that you can achieve ANYTHING that you dream of.  You CAN be your own boss.  You CAN change the lives of people around you.  It's also to show my friends and family what a blessing this company has been in my life, how it has CHANGED my life and how it can change theirs too.  They just have to have a little faith, determination and a dream; and with a little hard work they will succeed in this business like I have.

Scentsy is home.  Scentsy is life.  Scentsy has changed everything in my future.  If you are looking for something more, that "umph" in your life, new relationships, recognition - call or email me; I'd love to help you change your life in the way Scentsy has changed mine!  

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